Collating information about the parking lots and garages of the United Kingdom started because of a curiosity to know how big the industry was, how many there were and of what types, one suprise is the number of free car parks there are. Now in the age of the internet, car navigation equipment and smartphones we supply parking lot details to help drivers reach their destination minimising congestion, mileage and environmental damage.


About Parking Data & Research International

Parking Data & Research International undertakes research into the Off Street parking industry and over a decade has been spent on collating a database of "Publicly Accessible" Off Street lots and garages in the UK which now comprises about 14850 lots and garages.  It is anticipated that the total of such lots and garages in the UK will be in the order of 17000 in number. This information has been collated for the last few years with a data collection website and which has now been rebuilt to enable the collation of parking information in any country in the world which has car parks; it is a simple process to first REGISTER then enter the details of your parking lots and garages and then importantly to use the LOCATOR to measure the exact position in Latitude and Longitude of the principal entrance to the car park.
Why is the location of the car park entrance important?
Because the information collated about your parking lots and garages will be used on the navigation website www.aplacetopark4u.com and eventually the iPhone App “Nosey Parker” this will enable drivers to decide upon the most suitable car park for their needs and then send details of its location to their TomTom or Garmin as a favourite resulting in them being delivered to the car park entrance a “must” in any large town.
What is a “Publicly Accessible” car park?
A publicly accessible car park is one which the public is encouraged to use provided they comply with the terms and conditions of the operator; this usually includes duration of stay and/or payment.  I am interested in recording any "Publicly Accessible" lot or garage whether Public or private sector Free or charged, for all businesses in your town or city to benefit you must make sure the world knows where ALL the lots and garages are REGISTER NOW then add all the details.