Consultancy work is primarily undertaken in Europe.


Consultancy is undertaken primarily in Europe working in all fields relating to the management of off street parking. The competitive parking organisation evolves from a clear set of objectives and an objective approach to meeting them. A municipal parking section or department can provide extremely good value for the local customers if structured and managed in a proper and financially sound manner.
The formulation of clear objectives or review of existing.
• Inspection and assessment of parking stock.
• Review of financial performance of car parks
• Review of the structure and staffing of the Car Park Section or Department
• Review of the structure and level of parking charges
• Consideration of the known future and future planning
Clients in the private sector have included small and large companies in areas including:
• The Steel Industry
• The Oil industry
• The Hotel Industry
• Hospital parking management tendering.
• Management Consultants
• Sale and purchase of companies.
• Advising companies on improving financial performance.
• Information provision for Due Diligence.
• Public relations consultants
• Property Consultants

And in the public Sector

Local Authorities